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I have been doing portrait photography professionally for 20+ years as well as other photography, Light painting is the most unique and exciting photography I have yet to work with. Check out the results... you will be amazed and excited as well!



Light painting is a unique way to photograph items in a very special way. We photograph at night or in the dark, and light the object however we like to bring your portrait to life! You really need to see it to believe how awesome they look when completed. It usually takes 1-3 hours to light paint the subject, depending on the complexity of the shoot. You should be able to view a completed portrait within a few days.

Some common questions about light painting: 

1) What subject can be light painted? Any three dimensional object, from the smallest piece of jewelry to a large building can be light painted. Popular objects are cars, homes, motorcycles, farm equipment, planes… Pretty much anything of value can be light painted.

2) What steps are involved? First of all, we will get together to discuss your project ideas and the shoot in detail. We will discuss or check out locations and angles for the shoot, and talk about any prep-work needed. We will discuss timing and what is needed on the day of the shoot.

3) How long will it take? An average shoot takes one to three hours, but varies greatly depending on the size and complexity of the project.

4) How much does it cost? Every light painting project is different, so every project is different. Simple in-studio projects start at $1,000, while on-location shoots that require travel, scouting, and pre-planning will be more. That will all be discussed individually. The light painting fee is independent of any printed images or products you order.

5) When will I see the initial image? Your finished photograph is ready to view in 2-3 working days. The printed versions you choose after seeing the finished image will be delivered in 2-3 weeks. We can come to your home or office to help you determine what product or size will work best for you, or you can send us a picture of your walls with a ruler, so we can put together a view of what each size will look like on your wall to make the process easier for you.

6) Can I get a gift certificate? Yes! You can buy a gift certificate for just the photo shoot or any amount over that, with the balance used toward the purchase of photo products. Just give us a call!

7) How can I find out more? Just give us call or send us an email and we will answer any questions you may still have. We look forward to working with you!

Check out the process in these quick videos!
2008 Corvette Z06 
1946 Dodge Power Wagon


Call me or email to set up your consultation for your light painting session.  Text "LIGHTPAINT" to 888-212-9779 for our prep guide and join our VIP group.

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